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Vista File Sharing-Round 1

I finally got a wifi router that supports windows file sharing!!!

Now I can finally 'easily' share files between home machines.

Or so I thought...

It looks easy enough, make sure your set for a private network, turn on file sharing, turn off password protection (in my case) from the Network Properties.

Then find the folder you want to share, right-click, 'Share', follow the dialog and your done right?

Not for me.

When tried to browse my media pc (pc where sharing is configured) from my laptop I was initially happy to see the pc when I opened 'Network' from the file explorer. With my previous router I didn't even see it show up. Double clicking on the media pc opened a login dialog. Ok, I read looked up and read the microsoft help on this (see link below) and found that I should just enter 'guest'.

No luck... I can 'see' the folder I set to share now, so I guess I'm successfully logged 'in' to the pc, but when I try to open the folder I get an access error.

Ok, so it does mention I may need to add 'guest' to the share permissions. So through the share permissions I found add user and added 'Guest', set the permissions and tried again... same thing.

Here's the secret, are you ready?

Then, on the folder properties, 'security' tab, I also added the 'Guest' user, and applied permissions.
This opened the gate for me! And I'm now able to share files through this folder vista-machine to vista-machine.

Round 2, configure our xp laptop to access the vista machine.
(I'm praying it won't be too painful, this took me about 2 hours...)

monkut // Jan. 9, 2010 // 9:15 a.m.