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Training Logger

About twice a year I participate in bicycle hill.

I'd like to see how my performance is and review the race, but with my current bike computer I can get the data out of it.

So I've been dreaming about putting together a device that would allow me to monitor and record the data for later analysis.

Looking around I noticed that a lot of sensor projects seem to use the Aruduino platform.
So there's a lot of documentation available to search through to find what I need.

There are a couple of approaches that I'm thinking of:
1. open up my cateye cycle computer and somehow leach the data I want from it
(I have this one: )
2. Just make it all from zero.

In my searches I haven't seen any attempts at building a cycle computer. I guess this is mainly because these devices are relativly inexpensive.

But I can't find a cheap one that has the features I want, so here are my planned features:

SD card data logging
DATA in ASCII text cvs format
GPS Logging
Cadence Logging
Speed Logging
Heart Rate logging? (this seems like it might be difficult)
LCD Display (Again, difficult, can I canabalize an old cellphone screen?)


GPS Module?

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