attribute: Phillie Casablanca

The chord of existence

What are we?

We exist, but only we can fully "know" our existence.

We interact. And through these interactions we live.

Our being is like a complex collection of strings, playing the "chord" of you.
When we meet and interact there are moments where our strings resonate with the other.
You will never have full resonance, the state where every string is played the same,
but the more strings in tune with the other the stronger your connection.

Your chord is not static, but changes slightly when a resonance is struck.
When a change occurs, you, in effect, carry a part of the other, and the other becomes a little bit of you.

When you don't physically share the same space as another, you ring out alone.
At this moment, to the rest of the world, your chord is silent. And in effect you are dead.
At that moment, only you are aware of your existence.

However, parts of you continue to sound.
They are the parts that are carried by the changes you've made in the others you've resonated with.
This is the echo of you.

Your existence continues through this echo.
Keep tuning, and searching for those that may help you find a better tone.

monkut // Jan. 31, 2015 // 12:11 p.m.