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Media files now served!

Had a bit of a problem there for awhile.

I was cleaning out my server space, and deleted a project, not realizing I had set it up to serve media for this site.

It took some poking around but I finally got the media back up!

Here's an overview:

1. Create symbolic ln through the webfactional control panel to where you want to store your media.

2. Create a Site in the webfactional control panel to define the sub-domain you want to serve media under. In my case And link the site to the sym link you created in 1.

3. To serve admin files, previously I had an alias set in my httpd.conf to link to the django admin files. This time since I'm pointing the server to my directory via the control panel settings I just created a symbolic link to the django admin files in this directory.

4. Update all templates.

5. Update settings file appropriatly!

And back in business!

I initially struggled with the httpd.conf thinking that's what I needed to do, but it turned out editing that conf was unnecessary.

monkut // Aug. 18, 2009 // 10 a.m.