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ubuntu for the windows user part-1

I'm a windows user, and I'd like ubuntu to work similarly to windows if not the same.
The main 'windows' functions I want to get working under ubuntu are the following:

Command Prompt Here -- The ability to use the GUI file explorer and open a terminal window directly to the displayed directory.

Flash -- Install the flash plugin.
--> I had some ubuntu issues with installing the .deb package downloaded from the adobe site, and ended up installing the package from the command line.

Eclipse -- My main development environment is eclipse using pydev.
--> See below.

WiFi -- I use WPA encrypted access point at home
--> No fix so far.

Shortcut keys -- My favorite windows shortcut keys are "Show Desktop" (WinKey-D) and Open an explorer window (WinKey-E).
--> See below.

Opera -- My browser of choice. All the functionality I want without the need to install addons/extentions. (Mainly the ability to run tabs vertically down the right-side of the window)
--> See below.

I installed the eclipse version available in the ubuntu repository, 3.2, using the add/remove programs tool. It seemed to install ok, but when I went to add some plugins (pydev, subclipse) it would freeze when I selected "Help>Software Updates>Find and Install..".

Some sites I ran across claimed that this was fixed in later versions of eclipse, so I put off trying to resolve this until I read a post that mentioned you needed to run eclipse as admin in order to install plugins. It worked!

sudo /usr/bin/eclipse

Shortcut Keys

This post describes that running this command works to add WinKey-D functionality. Worked for me, I added this line to my ".profile" file.:

gconftool-2 -t str --set /apps/metacity/global_keybindings/show_desktop "<Mod4>d"

My bluetooth mouse (which connected/installed rather painlessly) back/forward buttons didn't work in opera.
This post mentions how to fix the back/forward button functionality. For me adding Button8/Button9 to the ini file worked.


Button8 = Back
Button9 = Forward

To be continued...

monkut // March 1, 2009 // 7:27 p.m.