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Mysterious Finiky PC

My home built PC seems to be dying a slow death. I built it back in 2002, upgraded the CPU once, added a stick of memory and it's been great until last year.

This past summer the power supply went out, I bought a new one, installed it and it was back up running.
And made sure that my power outlets are grounded now. (Most Japanese outlets are not three pronged)

Probably about 4 months after the power supply replacement it started to not boot up.
Fans will start, and the power light goes on, then a second later they stop and the lights go out.
First I thought it may be power related again, and unplugged all unused attached USB cables, and tried to restart.


After several attempts it finally restarted.
This condition has continued, and I'm a little fed up. It almost never starts on the first try now. To retry I have to hold in the power button for 10 seconds to power the mother board down and press it again.

I use this pc to charge/sync my ipod, so when I can't get it on in the morning, I'm stuck listening to old podcasts.

I'm trying to fix it but I don't see what to fix. I opened the PC up took out an unused firewire pci card, pushed on all cards, cleaned out all the dust, and no effect. It still comes on, but only after being persistant and trying several times. Some days the number of retires are less than other, and some times I'll try about 10 times and give up for that day.

Is there something I can fix? Or, is it time for a new PC...

monkut // Jan. 16, 2009 // 10:55 a.m.