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Errors in Cryptonomicon

Just started reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson ( and noticed some issues.

The author makes a dig at the US about it being one of the few countries without a GSM phone system at the time by having a charater make a phone call using a GSM phone while at the airport in Japan. Except Japan happens to be one of those other countries that didn't have a GSM system in place and still doesn't.

He also mentions that in the mid-80s a character was stuck using UNIX which is described to have a higher learning curve than other feature-rich OS's at the time. I just have a hard time imagining what other OS's he's trying to compare to. Commadore64? AppleII? MSDOS? I don't think windows or Macintosh were around in the mid-80's, and I would compare the learning curve of using MSDOS to be on par with using UNIX.

I want to enjoy this book, but these little extras thrown in, I suppose to add detail, instead pull me out of the story instead of brining me in.

monkut // Aug. 12, 2008 // 9:47 p.m.