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On to the next task, feeds

Well, I briefly attempted to replace freecomments with the standard(?) more featured comments frame work, but ran into some issues. Basically, I think I'm mis-understanding something. I was hoping to add a website field so commenters could post thier websites as many sites do. However, I couldn't (quickly) figure out how to get a user identified. (when I tried to move over the user name field was removed).
If I got that working I was hoping to get openid used, so users could just login with thier yahoo or google id to add comments, or maybe add a Captcha to avoid comment spam.

Oh well, I guess basic comments should be good enough until I feel a real need otherwise.

Now on to my next tasks feeds.
Django apparently has a good feeds framework, and I expect this to go quick when I eventually dig in and look into it.

Then I guess it's really about time to decide on a name and layout. Design was always the most time consuming element for me.

monkut // May 1, 2008 // 4:01 a.m.