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Thanks Regex Coach

I was having trouble with getting my urls to match using regex in the django

I was trying to get a single detailed post working using the generic view, "date-based object detail".

Once I got the regex right I was able to gradually debug through the rest of my issues to get it working.
I still don't fully understand the urlpatterns setting, but I understand it a little more now.

A single entry in the pattern file seems to take the following structure:
([regex for the url], [target function name to pass data to], [dictionary of additional options to pass to the function])

I'm using the ?P<name> tags in the regex, which will additionally pass the resulting information to the target function defined using the reference name in the <name> space. Other than regex itself, this part was probably what took the longest to understand.

I just want to say thanks for regex coach, I'm sure there are other similar tools out there, but I remembered this tool back when I was fighting with regex in perl. Simple but very helpful for discovering if the expression your thinking of actually matches your target text string.

(And also the webmonkey cheetsheet and special characters references I've been using these since I first started learning html back in 98 or so)

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