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New issues solved and more to be resolved

Well I went through the process of starting to build another django site as our official site, and the process of getting that setup was relatively painless. I had some trouble at first figuring out how to setup webfaction to use two (or more) sites.

This involved setting up sub-domains through the web interface and adding the > tag in the apache2/conf/httd.conf file, and moving/adding the appropriate location information under.
Then adding "NameVirtualHost *:" under the listening statement of the same file.

Then make sure to create/edit sites to use the new domains created, assigning the django app to the site(s).

See this thread in the forum for more details:

I didn't notice where the app was created, but it seems to be in the same django app location as the previous myproject from the original setup. It seems that the site/app inteface just tells to the server to point to that location. (i.e. django/)

Then I setup a new database again done through the web faction web interface, it seems the database name and the username, defined in the django project file, for access to the database created were the same. Initially I put in my username, and got stuck for a moment on this.

After this setup went pretty smooth.
Now my remaining issue is getting Image upload support working through the admin interface.
I've got the file uploading, but when I click on the image in the admin interface, it's not pointing to the right place, or rather I don't have the proper pointing method setup. I think once I have this resolved, it should be pretty easy to get the image to display in a post.

monkut // April 15, 2008 // 7:18 a.m.